Custom Wedding and Occasion Collateral:

I do all types of custom print elements for weddings, events and any other kind of occasion. Below are just a few of my favorites. If you’re looking for your very own invitation, save the date, or print piece to call your own, don’t hesitate to give give me a shout!

  Thmb_0001_LaHa_1OldFashioned  Thmb_0002_LaHa_1Skinnygirl  Thmb_0003_LaHa_1THead  Thmb_0006_LaHa_1Sams    Thmb_0009_LaHa_1LG  Thmb_0010_Laha_1Ignite    Thmb_0012_LaHa_2Sams  Thmb_0013_LaHa_2Beerio  Thmb_0014_LaHa_2HaveMoreFun  Thmb_0015_LaHa_2ActivePlus  Thmb_0016_LaHa_2WineLabel    Thmb_0018_LaHa_3Juice1  Thmb_0019_LaHa_3Juice2  Thmb_0020_LaHa_3Coast  Thmb_0021_LaHa_3TakiMai  Thmb_0022_LaHa_3Eyebooze  Thmb_0023_LaHa_4FlowerDrawings  Thmb_0024_LaHa_4Prints  Thmb_0025_LaHa_4Doodles