BrewDog USA:
Craft Beer Museum



BrewDog USA

Project Summary:

In early 2017, BrewDog opened a 125,000 sq. ft. brewing facility in Columbus, Ohio, equipped with a tap room, patio, mezzanine and their US corporate headquarters. In the summer of 2018, with a team of museum curators, project managers, contractors and craftspeople, we helped BrewDog open a Craft Beer Museum.  The 5,000 sq. ft. space is filled with information about all things craft beer, exciting interactive exhibits, and a little history about the company. I designed every element and had a pivotal role in the curation and execution of the museum launch.




Museum, Craft Beer, Event Space, Experiential Design, Interactive Design, Exhibit, Wall Graphic, Floor Graphic, Learning, Production, Mural, Food & Beverage