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Wetstone Beer Co

Project Summary:

Located in Columbus, OH, Wetstone Beer Co was a high-end craft brewery set to open near an area of the Olentangy River known for it extremely diverse gastropod (snail) population.

I designed their logo based on the golden spiral (also known as the golden ratio), which exists organically in nature (shells, flowers, galaxies, etc) as well as in math, science and art. Studied and recreated for thousand of years, it became the symbol for perfection and forever; staying true to its form as it continues to grow and grow, indefinitely. 

This concept takes the spiral snail shell idea further by hitting on the idea of perfection, attention to detail, and the blending of art and science when it comes to brewing beer.




Branding, Logo, Packaging, Out-of-home, Craft Beer, Food & Beverage